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Advantage screens, what we do.

We are primarily a window screen company, focused on custom window and door screens.  We do both residential and commercial work but 95% of our screen installations are residential.  A custom window screen company at reasonable prices that is focused on your needs. Below is a brief description of our products and services offered. 

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Patio screen doors why quality matters.

Because we provide you with a 2-year warranty we do not in normal circumstances provide light duty patio screen doors. This is because the difference in price does not justify the difference in quality. We don’t use plastic wheels, over the years have found that stainless steel ball baring wheels work the best, just think of how many times you may use that patio door in one day? HEAVY DUTY PATIO DOORS ARE THE WAY TO GO! (on special circumstance for example if you rent then I would recommend a light duty door or if you plan to move within 6 months after installation, but still the risk and time to deliver/install does not justify the small savings.

See the difference in screen frames  in the 2 pictures bellow.

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Security Screens.

We provide you with options, including security window screens which can be retrofitted to your security alarm system. We also provide physical barriers built in with the custom screen if need be. We are a licensed alarm installation company, Chase Security and have the knowledge, experience and tools to do it right!

safetyscreens pic

Colour of your screen frame. 

Below is an example of  colours we can get for your custom retractable screen.

Legacy Professional Sig Color Bar 700

Woodgrain Sig Color Bar 700

Retractable Screen Doors.

We carry and install custom retractable screen doors manufactured by Phantom. We have been since 1994; many years of experience will guarantee a proper installation and product fit.



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